Who We Are

About Us

GreenScience Technologies is a leading independent specialist engineering firm providing responsive and pragmatic Asset Integrity Management Engineering Solutions.

We specialize in Cathodic Protection, AC Mitigation, Stray Interference Current Mitigation, Concrete Corrosion, Protective Coating/Wrapping, Remote Monitoring & Control, Pipeline Direct Assessments, Marine Facilities Condition Assessment and Storage Tank Corrosion Management.  We deliver innovative and state-of-the-art industry best practice solutions for Onshore/Offshore Pipelines, Storage Terminals, Marine Facilities, Petrochemical Complex, Power Plants, Offshore Facilities, Water Works, Infrastructures and Transportation Facilities. 

Established three decades ago, we have built an international reputation for delivering technical excellence through constant innovation in the field of asset integrity engineering management.  Our core competence is in developing holistic solutions to improve the safe operational performance of engineering assets and enhance their value and life span.

Our Vision, Mission and Values


To be the industries’ preferred Integrated Asset Integrity Management Solutions provider.

  • Our clients, partners and associates will regard our responsive, independent and quality solutions as fundamental to their accomplishments.
  • The industries will regard us as the epitome of asset integrity management solutions.


Our mission is to deliver the most pragmatic, responsive, innovative, quality, competitive and sustainable integrated asset integrity management solutions with total commitment to each and every project we undertake.


  • Ethics – To remain independent and gain the respect of the industries as the premier firm with uncompromising values.
  • Integrity – Uncompromising Integrity, Transparency, Reliability, Quality and Trust.
  • Excellence – A commitment to deliver unwavering continuous engineering excellence in every project we undertake.
  • Safety – Unparalleled Health, Safety and Environmental Measures in every project we embark on.

Our Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

GreenScience Technologies is committed to providing quality services that meet the requirements of our clients.  At GreenScience, everyone is responsible for quality.

Our comprehensive Quality Management System forms the foundation of our quality goals.  The GreenScience Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015 Standards to ensure that our clients receive the agreed quality and responsive integrated asset integrity management solutions that are timely, reliable and meet their intended purpose in a cost-effective manner.

At GreenScience, we regard health, safety and the environment as among the highest corporate priorities and requires that this policy be implemented in every design, engineering and construction project we undertake.

To implement this policy, GreenScience will:

  • not perform any activity or task, if it cannot be performed safely
  • constantly involve employees at all levels in programs directed towards continuous improvement of health, safety and the environment
  • conduct periodic internal health, safety and environmental audits
  • implement site specific programs to minimize risk by identifying and analysing potentially hazardous situations during the design stage

The Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policy applies to all our business, engineering and administrative functions throughout our GreenScience companies.  The principles and practices expounded within this manual apply to all staff at every level and are fundamental to the services we provide and to the way we conduct business.


Our Locations

Over the years, we have established direct presence in several Asia Pacific countries.  In some countries, we also have alliance partners who share our vision and commitment to deliver the same quality solutions locally.  We are present in: