Remote Monitoring & Control

Corrosion Monitoring is normally understood as the practice of measuring the rate of corrosion or the rate of material deterioration under a prevailing operating condition.  The science of corrosion monitoring has evolved over the years from the simple weight lost coupon exposure to a specific environment to a fully integrated plant process remote monitoring system.  GreenScience Technologies has the complete range of expertise for designing and implementing corrosion monitoring programs for most environments.

We have the know-how for implementing both intrusive and non -intrusive systems that can be used for both temporary and permanent installations with remote monitoring capabilities.

Most corrosion monitoring programs involve the installation of weight loss, electrical resistance or polarization resistance corrosion coupons in the process stream.  These probes can be monitored remotely or retrieved regularly to analyse the rate of corrosion.  Alternatively, there are also non-intrusive probes using ultrasonic techniques to deliver the same results.

GreenScience Technologies also provides the standard ultrasonic thickness survey, guided wave analysis and the eddy current conformable array technique to evaluate the rate of material deterioration.  We provide both specific specialist services and total turnkey solutions for both existing plants and new developments.