Protective Coating/Wrapping

Protective Coating is certainly the most widely used method to prevent corrosion in any environment.  At GreenScience Technologies, our focus is strictly limited to the application of high strength water based cementitious coating systems that are suitable for highly corrosive environments.  The system provides excellent waterproofing properties and has extremely high resistance to abrasion and impact.  It also has very high resistance to a wide range of aggressive chemicals.  Overall, it is ideal for protection of steel and concrete in the most severe environments and is also easy to apply with minimum guidance.  Common application of this cementitious coating system is for coastal marine sheet piles, structures, bridges, tunnels, sewerage pipes and similar.

Protective Wrappings, on the other hand, are designed to mitigate the accelerated corrosion rate in the Splash/Tidal Zones and the Microbial Activated Accelerated Low Water Corrosion (ALWC) phenomena observed in marine and coastal environments.  GreenScience Technologies developed the “GS Pile Jacket” System for onshore marine steel round pipe piles.  Since both the cathodic corrosion protection and the standard protective coating systems are ineffective in this region, the application of a protective wrapping system provides the greatest advantage for owners and operators of marine jetties.

The “GS Pile Jacket” System is a modular flexible wrap around corrosion control system.  It encompasses an outer flexible high impact resistant, ultra violet and abrasion resistant poly vinyl chloride sheet with a built-in inner layer of corrosion inhibitor.  In addition to the outer wrap’s hoop tension, additional stainless-steel straps are also provided to retain the wraps in their correct position and provide a watertight seal.  This system is ideal for mitigating splash/tidal zone corrosion in round pipe piles, riser pipes, connectors and platform legs.  Lastly, it can be installed with minimum guidance and surface preparation with a cold work permit.