Marine Facilities Condition Assessment

GreenScience Technologies is a pioneer in the development of customized integrated Marine Facility Condition Assessment Programs.  Over the last two plus decades, we have developed numerous holistic programs to assist marine jetty owners and operators to manage their jetty integrity programs at the most cost-efficient levels.

Overall, a marine jetty can be classified as the substructure which incorporates the piles, whether steel or concrete, and the superstructure which is normally the concrete base deck.  The buried, submerged, splash and atmospheric zones of the piles concrete or steel are all subjected to various forms of marine corrosion and erosion.  Similarly, the superstructure which consists of the concrete deck, is subjected to reinforcing steel rebar corrosion especially from the underside of the concrete deck due to chloride ion ingression.

The GreenScience Marine Facility Condition Assessment Program is a holistic program addressing all the elements from the tip of the pile toe to the top of the deck level.  Every component is identified, audited and recorded.  Overall, we start at a pre-assessment stage where the as-build data and drawings of the jetty are collated with the existing corrosion control system data and others to develop a pragmatic inspection/audit program.  This is followed by the actual inspection program where each and every component is geo referenced, inspected, analysed, categorized and documented.

The next phase is normally the implementation of the various immediate retrofitting measures and detailing out the follow-up works and the next inspection timeline.

Overall, this is a continuous program, intended to limit unwarranted failures and shutdowns and stretching the operational expenses to the maximum value.  This is a unique integrated program which all marine jetty owners and operators must have.