Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment (ICDA)

The Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment for Dry Gas (DG-ICDA) program is very similar to the ECDA program encompassing the same similar four phases.

Pre-Assessment – In the Pre-Assessment phase, as-built design, construction, operations and maintenance records are collated and analysed including historic and current data to determine possible internal corrosion regions.

Indirect Inspection – This will be the second phase where pre-inspection planning is carried out followed by indirect inspections.  The common indirect inspection tools include Sub-meter Accurate GPS Mapping with Pipeline Depth Profile and Multi-Phase Flow Modelling Simulation to predict potential liquid hold-up regions.

Direct Examination – During this phase, inspections are carried out at selected excavation sites for direct measurements using Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Guided Waves Inspection, Product Sampling Analysis and others to determine if internal corrosion exist.  If corrosion is found, the data collated is used to carry out remaining strength analysis, root cause analysis and formulate and implement probable mitigation and monitoring measures.

Post-Assessment – This is the last phase where the remaining flaw sizes and corrosion growth rates are estimated for determining the next re-assessment interval.  Lastly, the data collated from the last three phases are also analysed to determine the effectiveness of the entire direct assessment process and updated for the next assessment cycle.

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