Concrete Corrosion Management

Concrete is probably the most commonly used construction material in the world today.  Although once thought of as an ideal unlimited life span material, the constant reporting of premature reinforcing concrete failures in various structures have caused tremendous distress both in the private and public sectors at large.  The rate of corrosion of the reinforcement is greatly influenced by the moisture content of the concrete, the relative humidity, the ambient temperature, the extent of chloride ion ingression, the influence of carbonation and others including the availability of oxygen to the cathode.

GreenScience Technologies provides a comprehensive array of specialist concrete corrosion management assessments including the following:

  • Concrete Cover Survey
  • Half Cell Potential Mapping
  • Resistivity Measurements
  • Chloride and Sulphate Ion Ingression Profile
  • Depth of Carbonation Analysis
  • Rebound Hammer Survey
  • Core Sampling for Compressive Strength and Chemical Analysis and others

Expertise – As a leading corrosion control solutions provider, our primary areas of expertise include design, engineering and implementing pragmatic cathodic protection systems for reinforcing steel in concrete.  We do both sacrificial and impressed current anode systems to a wide range of infrastructures including marine jetty decks, bridges and tunnels.  The systems can be configured to be fully automatic with wireless monitoring.

Solutions – For existing and new structures where corrosion may be an issue in the future, we also provide concrete corrosion monitoring solutions which are embedded at high risk areas.  These units are modular in design and easily installed with minimum guidance.