AC Mitigation

It is common today for pipelines and High Voltage AC transmission power lines to share the same common corridor.  This has resulted in AC interference on the pipelines and associated facilities.  Besides the safety hazard to both personnel and the pipeline under both normal and fault conditions, there is also the probability that this interference effects can aggravate the AC corrosion on the pipelines.  Overall, there are three primary categories of interference and these include the following:

  • Capacitive or Electrostatic Interference
  • Inductive or Electromagnetic Interference and
  • Conductive or Resistive Interference

Most international codes require that a sound mitigation system limit the AC voltage on the pipeline to below 15V, AC current density to be below 20A/sqm and limit the coating stress level to be below 3000V under fault conditions.

Expertise – GreenScience Technologies is a pioneer in providing turnkey AC Mitigation Solutions.  Our extensive range of expertise include:

  • Pre-design System Evaluation
  • Comprehensive Field Assessment and Data Collation
  • Computer Modelling using PRCI, CDEGS and In-house Software
  • Preparation of Detailed Design Specification
  • Development of Installation Procedures
  • Formulation of Inspection Test Plans and Procedures
  • Supply and Installation of All Materials and Equipment
  • Commissioning of System
  • Regular Testing, Maintenance, Retrofitting and Troubleshooting of Existing Systems

Overall, we provide an unparalleled one-stop-shop for all your AC Mitigation requirements.